Peer Leadership

Core values

Community Living Services strongly believes in listening to the people it serves. As part of the Agency’s efforts toward system improvements, it partners with its Peer Leaders. A Peer Leadership group meets regularly and provides suggestions on system improvement, advocacy and Peer to Peer supports. The Peer Leadership group educates itself on system transformation and has been instrumental in increasing peer representation on various community organizations and mental health committees, both locally and at the state level. Peers have been trained in the Principles of Self-determination, Housing Advocacy, Fire and Home Safety, Peer to Peer Supports, Community Participation and the Budgeting process. If you would like to attend the next Peer Leadership meeting, please call 734-467-7600 ext. 7493.

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors build bridges to community resources and assist people in creating their own life with the necessary supports and services put in place for them to succeed. Peer Mentoring services include: Benefits Planning, Supported Employment/Income Generation, Housing, Transportation, Post-Secondary Education, Transitions Toward Independence, Recreation/Community Participation, Person Centered Planning and Independent Facilitation. People receiving services from CLS can request a Peer Mentor by calling 734-467-7600 and asking for their Supports Coordinator.