What We Do

The Training department offers an array of educational experiences for people supported by CLS, direct care staff, Providers and CLS employees. The department provides Direct Care Support staff training that meets the Michigan Department of Community Mental Health training requirements. It also offers Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) on a variety of topics. The department works closely with the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority and The Virtual Center for Excellence to provide educational experiences to the people served by CLS, families, advocates, professionals and staff hired to provide support.

The department has also developed partnerships with the experts, the people we serve, to educate the workforce. During the trainings, attendees will meet people who receive supports and services from CLS and will see how they are helping create positive system changes through education and training. Some of the training topics currently being offered include: “Banning the “r” Word, “People First Language,” “Supports from My Perspective,” and “What I Want in a Caregiver.”