Mental Health System Opens Bidding Process to Serve Thousands

The Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority (DWMHA) remains committed to enhancing the quality of care to over 74,000 people served in Wayne County. We have been charged with the task of re-bidding our system of care by the Michigan Department of Community Health and have taken this opportunity to enhance the quality of service and the level of care given to the people.

“We have listened and heard from consumers, family members, providers and the community-at-large as to the strengths and weaknesses in our current system; and we aim to lead change and produce quality results in an improved mental health system” according to Frank Ross, DWMHA Board Chairman.

Effective June 30, 2014 any organization wishing to submit a Request For Proposal (RFP) can do so through the MITN Purchasing Group’s website at The website serves over 120 government municipalities across the state and provides free services to potential vendors looking to bid on an array of services. Any organization looking to bid on the RFP for community mental health services in Wayne County needs to register in order to place a bid to obtain of the RFP. However, if you would want MITN to notify you directly when a bid is posted, there is an added yearly fee.

For all interested parties, there will be a Bidder’s Conference held:
July 7, 2014
1pm – 3pm
Masonic Temple
500 Temple – 1 Mezzanine
Detroit, MI 48201

“With the implementation of Healthy Michigan (Medicaid Expansion) this is an exciting time to be in healthcare,” said Tom Watkins, DWMHA President and CEO. Watkins continued “without quality mental health, we don’t have quality health. The dedicated DWMHA Board and staff look forward to receiving quality proposals to build on past improvements to our system of care that enhance consumer focused outcomes and maximize the taxpayer’s investment to our fellow citizen.”

Moving forward the official RFP timeline and key dates during this process will be posted on the MITN website. You can also find links to MITN and other Authority updates on our website at